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Gear Dropout Hanger Information

There are many varieties of frame dropouts and it can be very difficult to specify exactly what manufacturer or cycle model a particular dropout will fit as cycle manufactures regularly change their frame designs and use different gear dropouts hangers, it has been known for a manufacturer to use a completely different frame dropout on the same model in the same year, so knowing the make, model and year may not always help.

How to find the right gear dropout hanger

How to find the right gear dropout hangerBy far the best procedure to locating your rear dropout hanger is to match your existing hanger with the many hangers we have available on this website.

We have spent many hours locating which hangers fit particular makes and models, and although this list will never be complete it is at least a starting place for you to find the hanger you need.

if you are still having difficulty in finding or matching up your gear hanger then you can e-mail us a picture of your existing hanger, even if it is broken, here's how:

1) Take a look at our information on how to take a photo of your hanger

2) E-mail us your pictures and include the make, model and if possible the year of your bike.

We will then do the leg work in trying to match it up for you. We have access to hanger lists exceeding 300+ hangers, If we are unable to match your hanger from our stock we will try and find a supplier for you however please bear in mind this may take some time.

If you own a Boardman bicycle, then please read our information page about idetifying your Boardman dropout hanger.

Replaceable dropouts

Gear hanger dropouts are designed to be replaceable, they are usually made of alloy and will break under extreme stress in order to save your frame from being damaged, if you break your dropout then it is fairly easy to replace and far cheaper than replacing a frame or having it realigned.

If you frequently brake dropouts then it may not be the fault of the hanger but an alignment issue with your gears or frame, having your frame checked may be worth exploring.

Emergency Dropout Hanger

Emergency dropout hanger

One of the most important items to keep in your tool bag is one of our Emergency dropout hangers.

These will fit most makes and models of bikes and can be used in case your hanger gets damaged or breaks while out on a ride.

The emergency hanger acts as a temporary hanger which will allow you to get home saving you from a long walk, and they are worth every penny!

Types of hangers

The two most popular hanger types are Cast Alloy and CNC Machined Alloy. The vast majority of cycles will have the Cast Alloy version fitted from new as these are cheaper.

So what's the difference?

Cast Alloy Hangers are manufactured using as the name suggests a cast, the alloy is melted and poured into the cast.

CNC Machined Hangers start life as a solid block of aluminium, a special CNC milling machine then cuts the shape of the hanger. This make them much more durable and stronger than their Cast Alloy counterparts.

Fitting a new dropout hanger

Like most things in life if you know what you are doing then fitting a new derailleur hanger it quite straight forward, however if you have no clue then we would strongly recommend you take it to you local bike shop and have an expert fit it for you.

When you fit a new gear hanger you must make sure your gears are reset, to prevent the premature breaking of your new hanger.