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Emergency Derailleur Dropout Hanger

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Emergency Gear Hanger - Universal

Emergency Derailleur Dropout Hanger

A very handy hanger to keep in your tool bag, just in case of an emergency.

This emergency derailleur hanger has been designed as a temporary replcement for a hanger that has been damaged or broken on a ride.

The hanger is universal and will fit to most frames and derailleurs and will allow the use of most gears, which more importantly should get you home instead of a long walk.

Fits various bicycle models.

• Mounts to virtually any dropout
• Will keep your bike shifting and get you home
• CNC Machined for increased durability
• Black anodized finish

Please note it is not designed as a permemant replacement, it is an emergency hanger, designed to get you home should your original hanger get damaged or broken while cycling.

Our Price £24.99



PLEASE NOTE: You should always adjust the settings of your rear derailleur when fitting a brand new gear derailleur dropout, improper fitting may result in the new gear hanger breaking prematurely.