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Serfas Orion Headlight 300 Lumen Front Light

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Serfas Orion Headlight 300 Lumen Front Light

Serfas Orion Headlight 300 Lumen Front Light

An amazing front cycle light that is very powerful for such a small footprint delivering 300 lumens.

Built in rechargeable battery that is recharged via a USB power source with the cable supplied with a run time of up to 28.5 hours (on low flashing setting).

Audible Low Battery Indicator emits a loud 85 Decibel signal when your light battery gets under 10 minute run time in that specific mode.

How It Works:

When the battery reaches 10 minutes of run time, in its current mode, the light will emit a long beep followed immediately by a short beep. Sound will continue every minute.
When the power button is pressed it will put the light in the next longest running mode & it will restart the battery low alert until 10 minutes of run time in the mode is reached. Repeat as necessary.

While charging the light the power button will blink blue. When full charge is achieved light will beep to notify charging cycle is complete.
Light emits a beep when power button is pushed & light goes from mode to mode.

There are 6 light mode:
High - 200 Lumen up-to 1 hour runtime
Medium - 100 Lumen up-to 2.25 hours runtime
Low - 60 Lumen up-to 3.50 hours runtime
High/Rapid 300 Lumen up-to 6.50 hours runtime
High/slow 300 Lumen up-to 7.75 hours runtime
Low Flash 60 Lumen up-to 28.5 hours runtime

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