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Derailleur Gear Protector - Long

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MTB Derailleur Gear Protector - Long

Derailleur Gear Protector - Long

Derailleur gear protector for ATB / MTB cycles.

For long cage derailleurs.

Protect your derailleur gears form being damaged with this easy to fit gear protector.

An excellent addition to children's bikes that have derailleur gears.

We all know they throw them down on the ground or even fall off, however if the bike goes down on the gear side then it can (and regularly does) damage the gear's derailleur mechanism, replacing this can be very expensive.

With this gear protector you can save your self a lot of money because the gear protector takes the impact and so protects the gears on the bike.

You only need one fall, even if it is accidental and the protector pays for itself.

Very easy to fit, simply remove the (gear side) axle nut and place the gear protector over the axle and replace the nut (remember to make sure you tighten the nut securly).

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